Just a few walls and floors are not ample to make a building into a home. For a brick constituent to be home, you need extensive decoration to give it the desired warmth so that it can be called a residence. Now it can be absolutely possible that you are a complete novice in this prospect and you do not have any idea about the way in which the interior designing is done. You might think that the interior designers have a secret book locked up somewhere with which they turn every home into something magical, but it is not the case.

Tips that will transform your home:

Make sure that your room has perfect lighting- The way in which you would plan the lighting decor of the place depends on the kind of room that you have. If it is a small one, indulge in ceiling lighting so that the space can seem cheery and big- on the other hand, if you have a big room which you want to brighten, you should definitely go for the cove lighting systems.

Give your furniture the space to breathe- Just so you know, no matter how gorgeous your furniture is, your room will never look good with too much of the same. So in a single room, try to have as few furnitures as possible so that they have a space to breathe as well.

Hang the artwork at the right height- Remember to hang the lightings and paintings according to the favourability of the human eye and not according to the height of the structure.

Don’t be the one to go by a single theme- for example, if you go too much by the gothic theme, the next time you have a different themed party, you will not have the scope to bring it out greatly.

Just don’t focus on the epicentre- Along with the central part of the room, try and focus on decorating the other parts of the room as well so that the room can look cheery from all dimensions.

Choose the colour specifically- If you want to make the room light and bright, then you will have to choose the light colours and also you could go for the contrasting shades of colour.

Put all your antiques on display- If you love something, and it is an antique one, you have to put it on a show so that your near and dear ones can see it as well.

If you want your rooms to look tall, then lower the heights of your furniture so that you can fake the height of the room as well.

Make ample use of mirrors- Mirrors beautify the rooms to a lot of extent- also it is said that according to the feng shui, mirrors placed opposite to decorative items attract positive energy.

Let us know what you think of the tips!

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